Homer's Travels: Book: Martha Wells' "Artificial Condition"

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Book: Martha Wells' "Artificial Condition"

I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately so I decided to squeeze in a piece of fiction to lighten things up.  Martha Wells' "Artificial Condition" is the second book of the Murderbot Diaries series.

In this novella, our hero, Murderbot, is investigating an incident in his past that led him to give himself the name of Murderbot.  What he discovers changes his whole outlook.

Like the first book, "All Systems Red", the reader is drawn into how the bot thinks as he attempts to discover what he is and how to fit in to the human world around him.

He seems to be developing friendships in this book and I am interested to see if they reappear in the other books of the series.

I gave this book four stars out of five on Goodreads.  I am still looking forward to seeing how the potential of this character is realized.

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