Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #28

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #28

  • This week I took Mom to lunch and went browsing at the Rush Market looking for new couch options.  We also worked on putting a Will together.  Mom has reached the state where she just wants things done and I one hundred percent understand and agree. 
  • It felt like a busy week and I only walked two times this week.  I am slowly pushing up the miles walked each day.  I managed to walk over 8 miles (12.9 km) each time for a total of 17.3 miles (27.8 km).  The upcoming week is also turning out to be a bit busy too but the weather is getting cooler so I should be able to get a couple hikes in.  Aiming for 9 miles or more each.
  • Speaking of the weather, it looks like the heat wave we've been having is finally breaking and temperatures will be trending back to average this week.  That is a good thing for walking and our electric bill.  Tomorrow we are going to have the first potentially significant rain in a long time and I'm looking forward to listening to the rain while I stream something (probably "The Boys" on Prime).

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