Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #18

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #18

  • On Friday the Wife's seniors were done making her one step closer to being retired.  Her school has a tradition of having the senior class stampede out of the school on their last day.  The Wife joined them by sitting in a wheeled bin and being pushed out with the running seniors (The Twitter link to the video can be found here).

    The Wife has started to take her class apart in anticipation of retirement.  From her desk drawer she brought a bag of weird junk that she thought I would like.  The Wife has assigned students to make games to play to help them with vocabulary or literature study.  The stuff appears to be game pieces the students used for the games.  By the way, I love it.
Desk drawer accumulation of junk.
  • While the Wife was celebrating the end of the seniors, I was cleaning out the tornado room.  This room, located in the basement, is a combination workshop/storage area which is also, probably, the safest place to be during a tornado ... hence the name.  On Friday morning the room lived up to its name as it looked like a tornado had blown through it.  I spent a few hours Friday afternoon pulling stuff out of the room, cleaning up messes on the floor, rearranging stored stuff more efficiently, and making it useful as a tornado shelter once more.

    As I was cleaning the tornado room I removed all my hiking and camping gear and piled it in the she-shed.  I will be going through everything and replacing/replenishing anything I need when I go back to finish the Appalachian Trail this July.
  • On Tuesday Mom and I went plant shopping.  We went to a local nursery (Mulhalls - which I picked due to its big selection of plants and because of its size so Mom would get needed exercise) to peruse the plants.  I was looking for flowering plants to go between the mums planted in my corner of the backyard.  I was going to buy four or five identical plants but there were too many good choices so I ended up with five different ones.  Nothing wrong with variety.
  • I didn't walk this week due to the high temperature and humidity we had last week ... and because I am a wimp.  The temperatures will be lower this week so I will be back out walking.
  • I went to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in IMAX on Monday.  I swear I'm still having nightmares about how Black Bolt died.

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