Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Planning: Appalachian Trail Resupply Or ... What The Heck Is A Bounce Box?

When I did my planning for my 2019 attempt I noticed several stops where there were few places to resupply food.  To resupply I had the Wife mail pre-packed food boxes to a few locations along the way.  On the trail I learned about how other people handled this situation using a Bounce Box.

A Bounce Box is a box of resupply that is mailed to yourself farther ahead on the trail.  If you don't use all the supplies in the box you can bounce the box farther ahead where the supplies could be used, the box refilled, and bounced ahead.

I used bounce boxes twice, once in Fontana Dam in Georgia and again Killington, VT.  I met many people using them including one couple using a five gallon bucket as their box.  They told me it was cheaper to ship the bucket than it would a regular box.

I will be using one (or two) this time around since resupply along this sections seems a bit limited and the reduced carbohydrate food I am interested in packing is not that easy to find in smaller stores. 

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