Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #17

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #17

  • I took mom out to lunch on Thursday and did a little shopping while we were out.  It appears the Social Security ordeal is over.  We will know for sure later this month.  Next week we are going plant shopping at the local nurseries.
  • I hiked twice this week.  I ended up doing 24.9 miles (40.1 km).  It is going to be warm this coming week so we'll see how I do.

    One thing to mention.  On my Friday walk I saw a fire truck turn into a grocery store parking lot.  Before they turned they ran their siren briefly.  I passed the truck and not far ahead I passed a guy laying half on the sidewalk.  He was using a small bag/backpack as a pillow.  He appeared to be asleep.  The siren had been sounded to try to wake him up.  I crossed the street and looked back to see the firemen around the man trying to see if he was ok.  He never sat up but I think I may have seen him lift an arm up.  I continued on my walk once an ambulance showed up.
  • I also started to purchase gear for my Appalachian Trail (AT) completion hike I am planning for July/August.  Most of my gear from my 2019 attempt is still usable but a few things need to be replaced.  I will talk about the gear in a future post.

    Included with the gear, I ordered the 2022 edition of the AT Guide.  I will be using this to plan the hiking stages between Gorham, NH (where I quit last time) and the end of the AT at Mt Katahdin, ME.  While I had stages planned in my 2019 plan, they turned out to be too aggressive so I will be redoing the stage planning.  When I finish I will be updating the Appalachian Trail tab of Homer's Travels.

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