Homer's Travels: My Eleventh Caminoversary

Sunday, May 15, 2022

My Eleventh Caminoversary

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of the start of my first Camino de Santiago.  This journey was the first long hike for me and the inspiration for doing the Appalachian Trail.  I started the journey thinking I would never make it but perseverance proved me wrong and I am better for it.

Along the Camino on the first day.
The Wife has suggested she would like to walk the Camino.  The jury is still out if we walk it together.  I would love to see the Camino through new eyes but I know I may be a drag on her experience.  If I don't walk with her I will likely walk another route, perhaps the Camino del Norte.  That way I won't ruin her experience, I will have my own new adventure, and we will reunite a few days before Santiago de Compostela and we can enter the city together.

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