Homer's Travels: The Last Poetry Out Loud ... Regional Finals Edition

Monday, May 02, 2022

The Last Poetry Out Loud ... Regional Finals Edition

The Wife has been involved in the Poetry Out Loud recitation competition for over a decade.  She started in her last California school, assisted in her first Nebraska school, and introduced and ran competitions for the last eleven years at her current school.  This year is her last year before she retires.

On Sunday the regional finals were held virtually and her student came in second for the region (there are three regions).  She will be one of nine who compete in the national finals in June.  Congratulations!!!

The regional and national competition used to be in Washington DC and held over several days.  This year everything is virtual and spread out over several days.  It's unfortunate that for her last competition the Wife won't be going to DC in person.  It would have been a nice cherry on top of her retirement cake.

Heiku time:

Graduating student - Their last competition
Streaming poetry recitation nationwide via iPhone
The Wife and her poet - Approaching success

If you are interested in watching talented kids reciting poetry, the finals will be on Sunday, 5 June at arts.gov

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