Homer's Travels: Weekly Ephemera #13

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Weekly Ephemera #13

Due to the very busy weekend we had last week, there was no Weekly Ephemera post so this one is covering the last two weeks.

  • The third of April marked the third anniversary of my second Appalachian Trail (AT) attempt.  I nearly forgot until Google Photos reminded me of what happened five years ago when I started my first attempt.  I still plan to go back and complete it in July but my head really isn't in it yet.  I still need to buy some gear that wore out during my last attempt and make a new more conservative plan to complete the last part of the AT.
  • Last weekend, between two concerts, the Wife and I went to Minneapolis to celebrate the wedding of the Wife's niece.  The wedding was nice, matching the niece's personality well, and the reception was fun with good food, drink, and music. Congratulations to Laura and Tony!

    I overdid things that weekend either not eating enough or eating too many carbs depending on the day.  Unfortunately something else overindulged that weekend too ... COVID.  At least four cases that I know of so far.  The wife and I haven't got it yet. 🤞
  • Last Sunday we had brunch at the MoH and BM's place with a lot of the Wife's family.  It was a fun time with lots of interesting talk.
  • Called the Social Security office ... again ... and asked to make an appointment so we could deliver the Marriage Certificate they needed for my Mom's survivor benefits (The first certificate she mailed to them got lost in the mail).  Once again they said appointments were only for emergencies.  *sigh* We explained that my Mom can't live on her current social security check and bill collectors are not patient people.  The nice representative, after hearing about the lost certificate suggested we drive down to the Social Security office and "Slip an envelope with the certificate and a posted note with my Mom's social security number on it under the door".  SMH.  So, we drove down to the office and I slipped an envelope under the door.  I feel so confident with this procedure 🌵.

    Fortunately for Mom, she has received acknowledgment of receipt of the certificate so things are moving forward.
  • Woke up Thursday to surprise snow.  It wasn't much and it melted off the sidewalks and streets before I got up.  It was all gone by the end of the day.  What was that about March coming in like a lion out as a lamb?  I guess this lamb was cranky.  It wasn't the only weird weather we're having.  This week I walked in sleet.  We are having a real rollercoaster of a spring.
  • Talking about walking in sleet, I ended up walking three times over the last two weeks.  I should have done more but my schedule and weather got in the way (I'm starting to run out of excuses for not walking).  I ended up doing 34 miles (54.8 km).

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