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Friday, April 08, 2022

Music: Alice Cooper With Buckcherry At The Liberty First Arena

Bookending the crazy weekend we had last week was a second concert.  This one was in the newly renamed Liberty First Arena only a few minutes from where we live.  I was concerned about being too tired since I drove back from Minneapolis the morning of the concert but I ended up getting a second wind.

Alice Cooper and his teenage frankenstein.


The warm up act was Buckcherry.  I'd heard the name but wasn't familiar at all with their music.  Can't say it was of my taste but the energy of the band definitely woke me up.  It was the lead singer's birthday so the entire band and audience sang happy birthday to him before they rapped up their set. 

Alice Cooper came on with a bang and the drop of a curtain.  From there it was a non-stop rockfest.  Special effects, giant figures, incredible playing, fun songs.

Alice, Tommy Henriksen, and Nita Strauss
The highlight, right after Alice Cooper himself, was lead guitarist Nita Strauss.  She was awesome.  They all were frankly.  Everyone had a solo and they all took advantage of the spotlight.

Double decker stage.
I really enjoyed the show.  It ended with a medley of "School's Out" and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" which was incredible.

I ended up with some good swag too.  A t-shirt with a type-o:

Ralston is in Nebraska (NE) not Iowa (IA).
and this:

Pictures can be found in my 2022-04-04 Alice Cooper w/ Buckcherry, Liberty First Arena, Ralston, NE Google Photos album.

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