Homer's Travels: Book: Kelly Weill's "Off The Edge"

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Book: Kelly Weill's "Off The Edge"

Book number six was a suggestion I heard about in a podcast.  Kelly's Weill's "Off the Edge" explores the world of Flat Earth conspiracy theorists, its twisted history, and the interconnections between the conspiracy worlds.

The belief that the Earth is flat is an old one.  The only belief older is the belief the Earth is round.  Flat Earth came out of strange interpretations of biblical verse and people who decided that what they see is more important than what science tells us.  Over the decades the belief became a conspiracy when believers became convinced that nefarious powers were hiding the truth  of the true shape of the Earth to eradicate God and Religion.

Over time flat earthers mixed with various other conspiracy groups such as antisemites, neo-nazi, secret society believers, and believers in our reptilian overlords.  All of this craziness eventually led to QAnon and the Trumpers.

The author made a lot of friends with flat Earth proponents and she has obviously tried to argue against their beliefs.   Sometimes you can hear her frustration in some of her writing.   Changing some people's minds is nearly impossible if they don't want to change.

I gave this book four stars out of five on Goodreads even tho it gave me very little hope in humanity's future.  

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