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Thursday, April 21, 2022

And The Results Are ...

 I mentioned in my last ephemera post that I was getting my semiannual blood tests.  I got some results on Tuesday.  Here they are:

  • My A1C which was 6.2 back in October is now 5.7.  This is still pre-diabetic but it is literally at the lower end of the pre-diabetic range.  This was an improvement.
  • My Glucose level was 131.2 in October.  It is now 112.  This is still high.  It should be under 100.  Nevertheless, this was an improvement as well.
  • My PSA was 4.82 in October dropped to 4.06.  It should be below 4 so I'm still in the wrong range.  My urologist wants me to retest in June and do a biopsy if it is still over 4.

The Doctor's office called yesterday and they were happy with my numbers so I'm not going back or making any major changes for the next six months.  I will continue to try to drop my glucose and A1C numbers.

I know this is not a rational thought but I don't want this to interfere with my Appalachian Trail hike in July or our upcoming travels in September-October.  It appears that it can take four to six weeks to recover from a prostate biopsy.  If the urologist confirms this then I'll have to ask about the impact of postponing the biopsy until we return from our fall travels.

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