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Monday, April 11, 2022

Music: Santana At The CHI Health Center

Three ... that's how many concerts I went to in the last nine days.  The last of these, Saturday night, was Santana.  It was a great end to a busy week.  I sat in the same section as the Bon Jovi concert.  That one had blockage issues.  For Santana the sound and mixer boards were pushed up away from the seating section so my view was completely unobstructed.

Carlos Santana.
To the chagrin of all those who showed up late to the show (not me), there was no warm up act.  Carlos Santana and his band came on stage fashionably late (only a few minutes really) and proceeded to set the place ablaze.

Santana below ... Cindy Blackman Santana's drum set above.
They started with a long string of most of his most popular hits.  Their first set went on forever it seemed ... in a good way. This moved on to solos from various members of the band including drummer Cindy Blackman Santana (his wife).  The drum solo was massive and extraordinary.

I love me a good jumbotron.
The music was a mixture of Latin, Brazilian, Reggae, Afro-Caribbean, and many other influences.  I loved the variety of it all.  Between sets Santana talked about wanting to bring healing to the people.  Hard to listen to this and his music without being moved.

Having said all this, I am tired.  I wish these three concerts had been spread out a bit.  My next concert isn't until June and that makes me happy.

I brought my small camera this time and the pictures are better than my cell phone camera.  I wish I'd brought it for the other two shows.  Photos can be found in my 2022-04-09 Santana, CHI Center, Omaha, NE Google Photos album.

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