Homer's Travels: What I've Been Doing: Hiking Hitchcock In The Snow.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What I've Been Doing: Hiking Hitchcock In The Snow.

I went for a short hike at Hitchcock this morning.  There was three to four inches of snow on the ground and the only tracks on the trails were from deer, coyote, and me.  It feels odd, but nice, when you are out on a trail by yourself.  This is especially true nowadays when we are rarely alone and disconnected.  The pristine snow gives proof that it's just you and nature.

Looking across Hitchcock from Fox Run Ridge trail towards Angel's Dead End trail.
The hike was short.  Walking on the dry snow felt like walking on beach sand - there is a little extra resistance each step you take.  You also had to watch your step since snow often can cover up potential hazards.  Last Saturday I rolled my ankle pretty hard on such a hidden hazard down in Indian Cave SP.  To protect myself from further aggravating (or reinjuring) the ankle I was wearing hiking boots instead on my usual lightweight hiking shoes.  The boots are nice but they are heavier than the shoes so each step was just a tiny bit more difficult.  I ended up only hiking three and a half miles which is very short for me.

 I was exhausted when I got back to the car.

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