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Sunday, February 24, 2019


We had nine inches of snow last night.  This was combined with strong winds to give us blizzard conditions.  This made me think two things: I would be clearing snow Sunday morning and I would have awesome snowshoe conditions on Monday.

Clearing the snow was a workout.  Even with a snow blower it was tough.  The blower kept bogging down and, in places, the drifts were higher than the snow blower.  Under the snow was a layer of ice (it rained before it snowed) so deicer was spread.  I have some strap on spikes that keep me from slipping - amazing how very tiny 1/8 inch spikes are enough to keep you on your feet.  I'm not sure I could have cleared the snow with only a shovel.  That would have sucked.  The nearly two foot deep drift on our deck ... will probably stay there until it gets warmer and it melts on its own.

Homer never liked the snow.  I had to scoop snow off the yard to get him to do his business.  Iago loves the snow.  He likes sticking his head in the snow while he walks - we call it snow plowing.  He often comes back in with snow on his nose.  The snow in the yard is almost up to Iago's belly.

Cool windswept snow texture.

The snow we got on top of the snow we already had on the ground and the blustery conditions gave the fields behind our house a cool texture, especially early in the morning while the sun was still low on the horizon.

Sunrise over the snow covered field ... and electrical pylons.
I mentioned last post that we are seeing a lot of snow this February.  Another thing we are getting more of is icicles.  Not sure why the conditions are so good for their formation but they are everywhere.

Long icicles outside our front door.
Tomorrow (and maybe Wednesday too) I will be enjoying the new snow.  Hitchcock snowshoe number two ... here I come.

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