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Friday, February 15, 2019

A Mix Of Shorts This Year

I went to see the live action and animated short films nominated for the Oscars this year.  I have gone to see the nominated short films for several years and I am used to seeing a mix of serious and humorous films.  The documentary shorts, which I have not seen this year, are a bit mixed and can often be depressing like they were in 2015.  This year it was the live action shorts that were the downers.

There are five nominees and every one this year are depressing, sad, or both.  A mother who hears her son's abduction over the phone until the cell phone battery dies, a boy whose playful actions lead to the death of his friend, a dying elderly lady pining for lost love, a true story about two ten year old boys who murder a toddler, and a racist family and the twisted and tragic way justice is served.  I exited the theater shaking my head.  The usher saw me, asked if I was going to see the animated shorts, and told me that the animated shorts were less serious.

She was right.  The animated shorts which can often be serious stories, did have a lighter feel.  There was funny ones and a few sober but smile inducing ones which is what I have come to expect for the Oscar nominated animated shorts.

I may go see the short documentary nominees ... if I can fit it in my schedule.

Not sure which of these will win.  I didn't see any that really wowed me.  I expect the Disney animated short will win (though I would prefer to see a lesser known production win).  As for the live action, my bet would be on the story about the two murdering ten year olds.  We'll see in nine days.

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