Monday, February 25, 2019

Snowshoeing Iowa: Hitchcock, Now With Even More Snow And Hills

Got my second snowshoe in for the year back at Hitchcock Nature Center.  I did another three miles like I did last Thursday but I added a couple more climbs along the route to add some difficulty.

It was a cold morning with temperatures in the single digits (℉).  There was a lot more snow on the ground after Saturday's snowfall.  There was so much snow that I accidentally wandered off the trails a couple times.

Snow on the trees.  Animal tracks Mark the Bunker Hill trail.
While the snowshoes have been tough, I think I am handling the exercise much better than I've done in the past.  The backpack hiking that I've been doing seems to be doing the job.  My strength and endurance has improved over the last nine months or so.

I am thinking of snowshoeing again on Wednesday.  We are having a major cold snap so most of the snow should still be around the rest of this week ... if not longer.  I will be taking advantage of the snow as long as the weather holds out.

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