Homer's Travels: Snowshoeing Iowa: Hitchcock - Snow Is So Much Better Than Mud

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snowshoeing Iowa: Hitchcock - Snow Is So Much Better Than Mud

I did my third snowshoe of the week back at Hitchcock.  I pushed a little harder and did four and a quarter miles with some decent elevation.  A lot more of the trails had been stomped down by other snowshoers, cross-country skiers, and hikers so it wasn't as hard as the earlier snowshoes I've done but I managed to find a few trails with pristine snow covered to challenge me.

One thing about snowshoeing, going downhill is a lot easier than going down muddy hills.  When the temperatures move back over freezing all the melting snow will make Hitchcock trails unhikeable for at least a week, if not longer, until the mud dries up.

Despite the sub-freezing temperatures we are experiencing, some of the trails in the southern part of Hitchcock were already starting to melt with dark soil poking through along Badger Ridge trail.  The northern part of the park is more sheltered and should be slower to melt.  I hope to get another snowshoe in this weekend and move the mileage counter in the sidebar a little higher.

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