Homer's Travels: Politics, Party, And Culinary Debauchery ... Ingredients For A Great Weekend

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Politics, Party, And Culinary Debauchery ... Ingredients For A Great Weekend

What a wonderful couple of days.  The Best Man (BM) and the Matron of Honour (MoH) dropped in on Friday for a fun visit.  They drove down from Minnesota Friday and we started talking politics as soon as they were in the door.

We went out to eat, talking politics in the car on the way.  We wanted to have tapas but, unknown to the Wife and I, España had closed it's doors a month earlier.  This kind of bummed me out as I was really looking forward to some Tortilla Española.  Instead we went to a brew pub/restaurant that the BM had on his list of beer places to visit.  Not the same but the food was pretty good so I can't really complain.  Politics was discussed during the dinner and beer.

On Saturday the Wife and the MoH went to get facials while the BM and I stayed home and talked retirement and politics.  The BM retired on Wednesday so he was curious if I had any pointers.  My only sage advice was to have plans and goals to work towards and be wary of procrastination ... something I have battled since I retired (since I was born frankly).

We met the wives at a sports bar and ate some more good food while talking politics mostly.  We returned home and between talking politics we started planning our next epic vacation that will involve the BM and MoH.  More about that in a future post.

Saturday evening was the main event - a surprise sixtieth birthday party for the Wife's Brother and Sister-in-Law.  The party was thrown by their three daughters at a dive bar called Danny's.  The party was a success with them both being thoroughly surprised.  There was food at the party but I concentrated on the cupcakes having five before the night was over.

One of the cupcakes.  It happened to be very yummy.
We returned home with a handful of leftover food, ate some more while we talked politics and vacation planning a little bit more.

I was a bit tired and bloated when we finally went to bed but fortunately we got an extra hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time.  You did remember to turn your clocks back right?

This morning I had another cupcake ... hair of the dog ... before we headed to Dixie Quicks for breakfast.  In an irrational move on my part I ordered the Sexual Chocolate French Toast.  That would be french toast with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, maple syrup, chocolate chips, sliced banana, and walnuts.

Dixie Quick's Sexual Chocolate French Toast.
(picture taken by the MoH)
Now, as I write this, I feel like an overfilled beach ball or maybe a pig carcass bloating in the sun ... yeah that would be a better descriptor of how I feel.  This is one lesson that I will not learn.

It was a great couple of days and now I think I will roll in a ball and moan.

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