Homer's Travels: Black Friday Wandering

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Wandering

I am not one to shop on Black Friday.  I don't like the crowds and the craziness.  So today I decided to walk off the delicious food I partook in yesterday at the Wife's niece's home.

I am predisposed to follow the Yellow Arrow.
The Missouri River with the
South Omaha Bridge Shadow.
The path I took is a loop starting and ending at the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge.  Part of the loop is a marked bike trail used by some bike club or group.  The path is marked by yellow arrows reminiscent of the yellow arrows of the Camino.

I followed the arrows south then back west across the South Omaha bridge.  The day was perfect for a long walk with just a little breeze, lots of sun, and temperatures around 50℉ (10℃).  I took pictures of street art that will someday be posted about, I'm sure.  I deviated from the arrows to lengthen the loop that took me back to the car.  I ended up doing 14.6 miles (23.5 km).

I have had trouble getting out to walk lately.  When I walk I think.  While I often like this walking meditation, I'm finding myself thinking too much.  The last couple months, months of unwanted change in different parts of my life, my thoughts have wandered melancholy spaces.

Someday I will leave these spaces and return to good mental places.  It will take time, soul searching, and effort on my part.  When I manage this, walking will once again become a wonderful, life affirming thing in my life.

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