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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I Don't Know What To Say ...

Today I was going to write a cheerful post about a stressor finally gone from our lives and how I hoped for a good four years.   I picked out a happy tune to link to.  It was going to be a happy little post.  Not so happy anymore.

How I feel today.
I followed the election returns with a growing lump in my stomach.  I scarfed down tums most of the evening.  I woke up this morning with heartburn.  It turns out what I remember of last night was not a nightmare and was , in fact, the new reality (show).

I posted on twitter a while back the following question:
"This isn't going to end on Nov 8 is it?"
I think we know the answer.  No.  It will not end for a long time.  The stress I have felt the last year or so will continue for some time.

I still have hope though.  Few people predicted this election's outcome and few people really know how the President-Elect will govern.  I still hold out some hope that we will be pleasantly surprised.

I was going to celebrate the election results, the ones that I expected, with an overnight camping trip.  I am debating about doing that now.  Do I need to be connected or would it do me good to disconnect for an evening?  The camping trip would not be much of a celebration anymore.  More like a mourning.  But that may be what I need and I think a sky full of stars may just be what I need right now.

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