Homer's Travels: Where Is The Time Going? ... Or The Year Is Almost Over!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Where Is The Time Going? ... Or The Year Is Almost Over!

Another month is nearly behind us.  The past few months, months that, for me, have been uneventful and somewhat empty, have zoomed by leaving Homer's Travels somewhat empty and a bit scrawny.  I posted a little bit more in November but most of the posts were book reviews or short blurbs highlighting a photograph.  My posts have been ... decaffeinated blog-lite.

This post should have been a post about the Holiday Lights Festival (I mentioned it last post) I went to ... if I'd gone.  The idea of driving around looking for parking and braving the anticipated crowd of ten thousand didn't sound appealing.  I will go downtown sometime in December to photograph the lights ... and I will post them after I do.

What progress have I shown since my last month end post?  Let's see ...
  • After two bike rides, the early chill at the beginning of the month forced my biking into the basement.  I put my bike on the stand and managed to do eight trainer rides this month (it would have been nine but I took Thanksgivings off).  I have to admit it is easier to get myself up on my trainer than on the bike in the real world.  I think it helps that I've been watching Netflix movies and TED talks while I ride.  Unfortunately riding the trainer is not the same as riding in the real world.  I know this because I have routinely done trainer rides of thirty-plus miles which nearly kill me in the real world.  In December I will have to increase the resistance.
  • The trainer rides have helped in one thing.  I reached my goal and brought my weight back down to 160 lb.  Now comes the challenge of maintaining the weight while occasionally indulging in some ice cream.
  • Last month I gave myself the task of planning out my Rocky Mountain National Park camp.  I have put together a plan that seems doable.  I have a few details to work out and then I'll post about the plans sometime in December.
  • The cold snap that forced the bike in the basement canceled any camping plans I had.  Next camp will probably be in the spring.
I put up the Christmas lights yesterday - it was 71°F (21°C)!!! -  and the Christmas tree will probably go up on Wednesday.  I am even considering putting the big balls in the front yard oak tree again - I skipped it last year.  We'll see.

Have a great December everyone!


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