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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Movie: "Interstellar"

After a great night of music, the Wife took a day off so we could recover from the late night before we headed out for an early movie.  Since we've gotten Netflix we rarely go to movies.  I prefer to watch in the comfort of my own home with a clean bathroom, food in the fridge, and a pause button when I need to use either.  There are, though, some movies that need a large screen to experience fully.  When I do go to the movie theater I usually go in the middle of the week and I see the earliest showing I can.  This usually means a near empty movie theater with few distractions, ringing cell phones, noisy kids, or talkative people.

"Interstellar" is one of those movies that needs a big screen.  In this case an IMAX theater.  The Wife and I sat in the center of the theater and became immersed in this epic space adventure.  I have to say that I was impressed.

"Interstellar" tries very hard to stay within the scientifically plausible. You can tell that the technical adviser (in this movie's case Kip Thorne) was listened to and he did a great job with the science ... until the last half hour.  I won't spoil the ending.  I will say that a very important principle of science is violated near the end.  I do not mean that some science was stretched into the realm of speculation.  I have no disagreement with a little artistic license and science stretching.  The principle that is violated though is too important.

The ending rubbed me the wrong way and, frankly, the engineer in me prevented me from enjoying the movie as much as I wanted to.  The Wife, on the other hand, really enjoyed it ... definitely more than I did.  I will say that the visuals are amazing and I liked the characters.  The political overtones at the beginning felt a little heavy handed at times but I can live with that.  It definitely was a nice part two to our mid-week break from things.

So, If you are planning to see "Interstellar", check your engineering and physics degrees at the door and just enjoy it.

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