Homer's Travels: Music: The New Pornographers With The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart At The Slowdown

Friday, November 14, 2014

Music: The New Pornographers With The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart At The Slowdown

We've both been a little distracted and busy the past couple of months and we needed to get out of the house and take our minds off things.  This week we packed a couple days of entertainment into twenty-four hours.  The first half of our entertainment was on Tuesday night and involved music.

An encouragement for the band ... and to everyone at the Slowdown.
After going out to eat in the old Market, the Wife and I braved the cold "Arctic Chill" and went to the Slowdown for a concert.  I like the Slowdown.  It's a small, intimate venue that lets you get up close with the performers and there isn't a bad seat in the house.  We arrived after the doors had opened so the tables to one side of stage - our favorite spot - were full.  We moved up to the balcony (we'd never been up there before) and found a nice table next to the railing with a nice view of the stage below.  I have to say that the balcony may be my new favorite spot in the Slowdown.  We chatted up one of the friendly security guys while we waited for the show.

The Pain of Being Pure at Heart.
The warm up band was The Pain of Being Pure at Heart.  I'd never heard of them before which, I have found, is usually the case for small venue warm up bands.  They had some good stuff but it was not very memorable and I felt that the vocals were a little weak.  They were meh.

The New Pornographers.
The main act was The New Pornographers.  I was introduced to their music by the GodSon.  I wasn't sure about it at first but it grew on me.  Most music is like that for me: first I don't like it and then it grows on me.  By the time we went to this concert I was very familiar with a lot of their songs (thank you Spotify) and I really enjoyed their music including the two encores - it's been a while since I saw a double encore at a concert.  They played every one of my favorite New Pornographer songs.  I would call that a success.

We both really enjoyed our evening of food and music.  It was a nice distraction from real life.  The distraction would continue the next day ... which I'll share in another post this weekend.

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