Homer's Travels: Book: Patrick Rothfuss' "The Slow Regard Of Silent Things"

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Book: Patrick Rothfuss' "The Slow Regard Of Silent Things"

I rate my books on Goodreads.  I have only given the five star best rating to three books.  Two of those three were books by Patrick Rothfuss.  When I saw his new book, "The Slow Regard of Silent Things", came out I was hoping it would be the third in the Kingkiller Chronicles.  I want to read the next chapter in the story of Kvothe.  This book is not a Kingkiller book.  This book follows a week in the life of a character from Rothfuss' other two book, Auri.

Auri is an odd character.  A young girl living in the tunnels under the university ("the underthing").  She communes with the things around her and lives a free spirited life alone in the shadows.  She interacts with her world, and it is her world, in an almost poetic way.

As I was reading about Auri I got the impression that this young girl was suffering from OCD.  She lived a life of simple rituals where everything has a place and there is a place for everything.  When things were out of place her world turned dark until things were set right.

Rothfuss has a very easy reading style.  The words flow off the pages easily.  This book adds an almost poetic style on top of the easy flowing words.  It made it a joy to read even if the story is not what you expected.  The book, a short 170 pages (much shorter than the other two books which averaged over 850 pages each), left me wanting more.

Hopefully, now that we've seen how she lives, we will see more of Auri in future Rothfuss books.

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