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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Well ... That's A Little Bit Better

October felt like it went by in a flash.  At the end of September I lamented my lack of motivation in a post.  In October I did a bit better I think.  I posted a more ... just.  A few of the posts were just photograph posts.  I still fell short in finding things to write about.

Last month I said I would ride bike more.  I didn't manage the twelve rides I'd hoped for but I did manage to do seven rides (one hundred and ninety-two miles) which is a bit better than the three rides I did in September.  I think seven or eight rides a month are my limit.

I'd also hoped to drop some weight and I did manage to drop three or four pounds in October.  I'm finding it harder to lose weight than it used to be for me.  Another age related change I imagine.  The bike rides and the long walks I squeeze in of Fridays seem to be helping.

Besides biking and dropping pounds ounces, what else have I been up to?  While the Wife has been very busy with school and visiting her parents, I have not been that busy.  The lack of motivation I had this summer is still lingering a bit.  We did visit with the Maid of Honor and the Best Man last weekend.  We learned all about their vacation to Greece and Turkey.  Their account of Istanbul has the Wife and I reconsidering the destination of our next international vacation.  More on that in some future post.

I tried a couple new foods/drinks this week.  By this I mean new for me.  Last weekend I tried my first ginger beer.  Ginger beer is brewed using ginger and is non-alcoholic.  My impressions ... it was like drinking something I would clean my kitchen sink with.  Not that I've ever tasted what I clean the kitchen sink with but I'd like to think it would taste like ginger beer.  The second new item was a Hostess Twinkie.  Yes ... it took my fifty-one years before I had my first twinkie.  I tried it on my long walk yesterday.  It was okay.  Not really impressed.  I walked off the added sugar.

So what's on the agenda for November?  I may squeeze in a camp if it unexpectedly warms up.  We will be going to a charity auction at the GodSon's school.  That should be fun.  We have a concert after that.  The one task I really need to finish this month is planning my five day camp in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Campsites have to be reserved and first and second choices for each night have to be submitted by snail mail (Snail Mail!).  I have a detailed park map with trails - I just need to sit down and knock out a realistic route.

That's it for me.  Hope to post more often this month.  We shall see, won't we?

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