Homer's Travels: The Itch Of A Chigger

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Itch Of A Chigger

Those bugs I mentioned  in my last post - the ones I guessed were probably harmless - yeah.  For every one I saw, and I saw dozens, maybe hundreds, there were two I didn't see.  And they all bit me.  All up and down my legs I've got little red bumps that itch ... no, I mean they ITCH!.

I'm guessing they were chiggers.  I haven't had chigger bites since I was a little kid living on the shores of the Lake of the Ozarks.  I haven't missed them.  And now, I'm making up for lost time apparently.

I hope they go away by the time I start walking the Camino.  Tomorrow I'm going to treat my bag liner, pack, and pack liner with permethrin.  The last thing I need following all these chigger bites are bedbug bites.


  1. Your dad used to be bit up with chiggers every time he cut the grass at the Lake. They seemed to like tight places on him...around his waistband and around his elastic topped socks. Nasty little buggers!

    1. Mom: Nasty isn't half of it. I'm still itching over a week after getting bit. They are getting better though.