Homer's Travels: Camino Dreams Or "Where Are My Pants?"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camino Dreams Or "Where Are My Pants?"

Okay, for the past couple weeks I've been having weird dreams.  They all are different but they have some common themes. I've gone on business travel, have been separated from my colleagues, and I can't find the hotel.  I have been told I need to complete a job task but I realize I have no idea how to complete the task.  I am late in delivering my homework because I can't find my homework ... or my dorm room ... or my locker ... or my entire school.

And then there's one I haven't had for many years.  Maybe decades even.  It's one of the most common dreams really.  You know the one.  You're getting ready to give the big presentation ... or book report ... or sales pitch ... or any life changing public activity when you realize you aren't wearing any pants.  Yes, I had the "Where are my pants?" dream last week.  The dream has grown up a bit -the type of underwear has changed to a more adult choice - but the fear and panic are still there.

It seems my subconscious thinks I am not ready for something.  Gee, I wonder what it could be.  The Camino perhaps?


  1. Ohhhh I HATE those dreams!! You're going to be great! I don't know anyone who prepares better than you! :)

    1. Miss McC: I sure hope you're right. Sometimes I feel like I'm ready and other times I feel totally unprepared.