Homer's Travels: Music: Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus Featuring Sonny Landreth, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, And Rick Nielsen

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Music: Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus Featuring Sonny Landreth, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, And Rick Nielsen

Last weekend we went to our last concert for the summer: Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus featuring Sonny Landreth, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, and Rick Nielsen.

The tickets (as you can plainly see above) said that the show started at 8:00PM.  That ticket was soooo wrong.  We left early thinking it might be a bit crowded and when we got there at around 6:50PM there was live music playing.  We entered the open-air venue and found the Stir Cove to be completely packed solid.  I have been to a few concerts here before but I've never see it so full.  We walked around a bit and shoehorned our folding chairs into a tiny space near the side of the crowd.

The live music was from Sonny Landreth and his band.  They started around 6:30PM so we only missed some twenty minutes.  What I did hear was really awesome.  Unfortunately he has a rather short set.

After Sonny left the stage B.B. King's band came on and played a song before B.B. King took the stage.  During his set I would say he started maybe four songs and never really finished any of them.  He just seemed to meander around the music, asking the crowd to sing along, and playing some pretty awesome, but short, guitar riffs.  He was even joined on stage by Peter Frampton for a song.  I have to say that I was slightly disappointed.  A complete song would have been nice.  But, being a month shy of his 88th birthday, B.B. King can pretty much do as he pleases.  What he did sing and play was awesome ... he just left me wanting more ... much more.

The third act was Peter Frampton.  He was incredible.  He played all of his old stuff along with stuff I'd never heard before.  He played a cover or two including a smoking version of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun".

He was joined onstage by two guest performers.  The first was Larry Carlton.  They played a couple of rocking songs together - both were incredible.  The second guest was Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick).  I've had a couple opportunities to see Cheap Trick in concert (one of those free) and I failed to do it both time - I will not let a third opportunity pass me by.  Rick and Peter played two of Cheap Trick's best songs: "I Want You To Want Me" and "Surrender".  The vocals for these two songs were done my Peter Frampton's son, Julian Frampton.

Frampton ended his set with a rocking "Do You Fell Like I Do".  The place went crazy ... including the drunk dude behind us yelling "Peter Frampton Comes Alive" at the top of his voice.

We got up and left soon after, before the encore which turned out to be a cover of George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" played by Frampton, Carlton, and Nielsen.  We heard most of it as the traffic getting out of the parking lot was slow and we could hear the music clearly.  We probably should have stayed though since it sounded awesome.

All it all the concert was pretty incredible especially if you are a guitar fan like I am.   A great finisher for the 2013 summer concert season.

P.S. Sadly I forgot my camera.  Would have loved to get a picture of B.B. King and Peter Frampton together.


  1. I'm glad you got to experience that! And it's okay to leave the camera at home sometimes ;)

    1. Miss McC: Thanks! I felt a little naked without it. I almost went back to get it but we would have missed more of the opening act.