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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Music: Steely Dan With Deep Blue Organ Trio

After a concert-less 2012, I have made it a point not to do that again so, while the Wife was off learning about the Prairie School of Design, I went to my third concert of the summer: a Steely Dan concert at the Omaha Orpheum.

The warm up act was a jazz trio, the Deep Blue Organ Trio consisting of drums, a guitar, and, obviously, an organ.  They played a great set of jazz and blues to an audience who appreciated good music.

The main attraction was Steely Dan.  They were awesome.  So many songs brought back so many memories.  Their music spans my time in Guatemala when I spent hours listening to the radio and recording songs off of American Top 40 broadcasts on a crappy cassette tape recorder.  It was good music and I had a good time.

One thing about going to concerts performed by stars of your youth.  Looking at the people around you and thinking how old they all seemed ... well, it's a reminder of where I am in my life.  I'll have to think more on this next weekend when we go see Peter Frampton and BB King.

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