Homer's Travels: In My Minds Eye ...

Monday, August 12, 2013

In My Minds Eye ...

A question has come up lately in discussion between the me, the Wife, and others.  That question:

When you see yourself in your mind's eye, what age do you see yourself?

I've actually wondered about this myself.  When I think of myself I feel like a teenager.  I look at everyone around me as adults with more experience and maturity.  So my self-image is a teenager, people have told me I don't look 50, and at times my body feels much older.  I suppose this is normal.

So, all you throngs of people who read Homer's Travels religiously, what age do you see yourselves?  Do you agree with the calendar?  Leave a comment with your Mind's eye view.


  1. I'm not that far off from myself. I'm 32 and I usually envision myself around 27. this is a great improvement from when I used to feel 72. ;)

    1. Miss McC: I would have thought you felt younger. Hmmm ... I stand corrected.