Homer's Travels: A Cherry Chip Soft Sugar Cookie Hangover

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Cherry Chip Soft Sugar Cookie Hangover

I woke up Sunday morning with a cherry chip soft sugar cookie hangover.  It started Friday.

When we didn't make it up to the Lake Cornelia Winterfest last weekend, we rescheduled the family get together for this weekend.  Everyone was bringing food.  The Wife provided the Chili.  I baked soft sugar cookies with cherry chips.

I found the original cookie recipe on allrecipes.com.  At the suggestion of the Wife I added some cherry baking morsels to the recipe.  I think I may have overdone it a bit when I added two bags of cherry chips.  Turns out that the cherry chips alone added 50 calories to each cookie (that's about the same calories as the sugar and the lard - yes, lard - combined).  To walk off ten cookies worth of cherry chips, you would have to walk seven to eight miles ... JUST for the chips.  For ten cookies ... close to 16 miles.  Before the weekend was over, many more than ten were consumed.

On Saturday we drove to Lake Cornelia and met up with the Mother and Father-in-Law, The Wife's uncle KN and aunt EL, and the Matron of Honor (MoH) and Best Man (BM).  The first order of business was for the Wife, MoH, BM, FiL, and uncle KN to go out on the ice and set up two ice fishing shelters and fish for about an hour.  I helped set up the shelters and then went back in the lake house (It was around 10 - 15 °F and windy - lately I haven't been handling cold well and fishing ... not my thing).  In the warm house I ate some cookies.

Not having caught anything, they came back in and we had lunch.  I had cookies for dessert.

In the afternoon the ice fishers went to another spot on the lake and fished.  The BM and I drove into town to check into our hotel.  I took the time there to nap ... and watch cartoons.  I needed the time to rest ... and to get away from the cookies.

Ice Fishing Catch.
I went back to the lake house and, waiting for the ice fishers to return, ate more cookies.  When they got back to the house they'd caught six fish (and at least a dozen nibbles ... if you believe the stories).  The ice fishers were excited except  for sore "bucket butt".  The Wife, trying to get one of the shelters off the ice, fell and banged up her elbow.  I swear we need to wrap that woman in bubble wrap.  We ate dinner, Chili and homemade garlic bread, and ... I ate more cookies.  They were very good.

The evening was filled with our usual attempt to fix all the problems of the world ... this time not totally successfully.  Some subjects are a little too divisive for solutions.  Not even cherry chip soft sugar cookies can fix everything.

That night in the hotel, the lights out, I laid in bed ... my mind racing a mile a second.  I had trouble sleeping ... imagine that.  I finally drifted off just to wake up around 3:00 AM with a headache.  I sighed and tried to fall back asleep which I managed to do.

When the alarm went off Sunday morning I felt pretty crappy.  I think my blood sugar will be high for a few months.  Fortunately my next blood test isn't til 2013.   I felt like I was crashing and burning ... over and over again.

Back at the lake house I ate more cookies ... hair of the dog ... before breakfast and heading home.  We left the bag of cookies with the FiL and MiL ... where I can't get to them.

I have no idea how many cookies I consumed this weekend.  Four on Friday, four more on Sunday, and an unknown large quantity on Saturday.

... and now, back to my regularly scheduled diet, already in progress.

P.S. I took pictures of the fish but I did not take pictures of the cookies. An sad oversight on my part.


  1. You are a cookie monster! :D If ever meet you in person, I'll know to bring cookies! I love cookies too, and am very familiar with the type of cookie eating you're describing. How are you feeling now? Did you get some protein and veggies in you and drink lots of water? Usually grilled chicken and salad are my cookie hangover cure :) hope you're feeling better! (and thanks for sharing the recipe!)

    1. Miss McC: I often am. I recovered quicker than I expected, but I still didn't eat well until the day after getting home. Your welcome!

  2. I think I make that same recipe! I tend to take a simple sugar cookie recipe and add diced up dried cherries and white chocolate chips, they end up amazing (the cherries rehydrate in the cookie).

    1. Allen: It is an awesome recipe. You're additions sound tempting.

  3. Sorry I forgot to sign the above comment, it was from me though!