Homer's Travels: End Of The Month Haiku

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End Of The Month Haiku

This post was going to be about faltering on one of my resolutions.  The last week, devoid of writing for me, convinced my pessimistic mind that I was falling behind my goal I'd set in January to post more regularly.  My informal goal that I'd set for myself was three posts a week.  I thought this may be too difficult to achieve especially after my writing lull.  When I actually counted up my posts I realized that in the last eight and a half weeks I'd posted twenty-two times!   That's not bad!  I nearly met my goal!

Having realized this, I still can't shake the feeling that my writing mojo is pretty dim right now.  Actually all motivation has been a little lackluster of late.  I have a couple projects that I want to start - I haven't written about them on Homer's Travels yet - and here I am at the end of month number two of 2012 and I haven't even pretended to start them yet.  Neither project is really difficult or necessarily time consuming but I just can't get the ol' motor running.

I think I need something to give me a jump start.  I'm hoping that a weekend in Galena, IL this weekend with the Matron of Honor and Best Man will get the creative juices a dripping (flowing is a little too much to hope for I think).

So, what am I doing in this creative wasteland?  Not much.  I'm reading a good book.  I'm playing eight simultaneous games of Scrabble with Facebook friends (and six games of Words With Friends).  I'm erroneously fretting about not writing enough.

Inspired by the Poetry Out Loud regional competition that took place a couple weeks ago, in which one of the Wife's students is participating, I think I'll end this post with a haiku:

Projects, planned, go unborn
Mistaken perceptions of progress lacking
What to do with I-I-I-U-U-C-V?

P.S. This is post number twenty-three, only two short from my goal.  Go figure.


  1. Better to have written less than you wished than not at all!

    :D Keep up the awesome work! I'm looking forward to hearing more about these projects

    1. Miss McC: Very true and very wise. Thanks you. I really do appreciate you taking the tinme to read Homer's Travels.