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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Plans Are Fluid And Fluids Are ... Planned ?!?

Well, I'm writing this post in m our living room, not from Lake Cornelia.  The weather, having been so spring-like of late, decided to assert itself by dumping eight inches of heavy, wet snow.  We knew it was coming and the family festivities were postponed.  As I suggested last post, our plans were fluid.

It took a couple snow blowing sessions to clear our driveway and sidewalks (and those of our neighbor whose snow blower I'm using).  We're kind of lucky the snow was heavy and wet.  It was also windy and a dry, fluffy snow would have drifted making the chore of clearing the walks even worse (it tends to drift in front of our house).

Not the best way to end such a beautiful week weather-wise but there were a couple things that made this a pretty good week for me.  The first were my blood test results.

You may remember that my blood tests last August were terrible with all my number being out of range.  I'd been a bad boy during my Camino and Route 66 adventures.  On Thursday I went in to have blood drawn and I am proud to say that all my numbers are back in range (except for my good cholesterol which has always been low).  Not only that but my doctor has asked me to not come back for a whole year.  This is a change from the every six months I've been doing since ... 2007 (???).  He didn't tell me why (his nurse gave me the good results) but I can think of two reasons.  I've proven, several times, that I can control my number by diet alone - as long as I'm 'good'.

The second reason may be that they changed the 'good' range for Hgb A1c.  Hgb A1c is a measure of your average blood glucose control over two to three months.  A high A1C can be an indicator of diabetes.  The old normal range for A1c was between 4.5 and 5.7.  As of December the range is between 4.5 and 6.3. Using the new range, my highest A1c measurement (back in 2009) was at the top of the normal range.  My number from last August was easily in the new good range.  I guess I became healthy at the stroke of a pen ... or a change of a range.

The second good thing that happen this week concerned my knee.  My right knee has been bothering me for a couple months.  It hurts in two places - the kneecap - which is a pain in the front of the knee - and the joint - which is a pain in the side of the knee.  Last Tuesday I had a headache.  Before I went to bed I took an ibuprofen (some of my leftover pilgrim's candy).  The next day I got out of bed and ... NO PAIN in my knee.  At first I figured that the the Ibuprofen hadn't worn off yet but the pain has not returned, at least not all of it.  I still have some kneecap pain when I walk but the joint pain has been greatly diminished.  I'd kind of given up on my knee ever healing but now I have new hope.

New hope ... and just in time for me to clear the snow off the driveways.  Perfect timing.  Oh, and the snow ... makes everything look clean, white, and beautiful ... at least for a couple days.

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