Homer's Travels: Six Simple Words

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Six Simple Words

Back in 2006 I read an article in Wired magazine: "Very Short Stories".  The article was about six word stories.  Some of the ones included in the article are amazingly expressive.  It's kind of incredible what you can say with six words.

I was reminded of this article by an TEDTalk given by Sebastian Wernicke last year.  Here's the video (please take the time to watch the video - it's fun and only eight minutes long).  Wernicke talks about summarizing all the TEDtalks, over a thousand, to a single six word summary.  I really like the summary he came up with:

"Why the worry.  I'd rather wonder."

While I watched the video I was thinking about a summary for my life ... at least my life so far.  These six words flashed into my head:

"Lived my life.  Regret not living."

I guess I have a ways to go to meet my optimism resolution.

What six words would summarize your life?