Homer's Travels: V ... M

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

V ... M

I've been lax at keeping track of Homer's Travel milestones.  Two have occurred recently.

First, On 18 August 2011 Homer's Travels turned five years old.  When I started the blog way back then, I really didn't think it would last this long.  I started it as a way to keep our families informed of what we were doing and what we had done.  Part of it was inspired by our Peru trip.  I came back all excited and energized.  I wanted to shared what we'd experienced.  I just never thought it would still be around five years later.

Second, on 2 September 2011, this post, Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Grañon To Villambistia, was my one thousandth post.  It's kind of amazing to me that I would write that many posts in five years.

Despite my incredulity, I think I have more to write, more pictures to share, more stories to tell.  I hope my readers, the few that there are, have enjoyed Homer's Travels so far and will enjoy what is to come ... whatever that may be.


  1. Yeah, Honey! I love your blog and hope you will keep writing. You have great insight in words and in pictures, and I know so many people appreciate that you take the time to share what you see and think. You make the less obvious bits of the world interesting.

    Keep up the awesome writing!