Homer's Travels: Friends, Junk, and Continuing Aches

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friends, Junk, and Continuing Aches

A few things have happened over the last week.  GeekHiker visited for a couple of days.  I let him do laundry and catch up on bills and stuff that inevitable come up during long trips.  We did the same hike I did a few weeks earlier.  On Friday GeekHiker, continuing on his journey of self-discovery, headed east.

On Saturday the Wife and I went to Brownville, NE for their biannual flea market.  We bought a few small things including a metal truck for the garden - an early birthday gift for the Wife.

On Sunday we drove west to the Loon Whisperer's home for the Junk Jaunt.  We picked her up and did a small part of the over 300 mile loop of flea markets/garage sales.  It was fun and the weather was perfect for it.  I didn't buy anything (I tried but did find anything that grabbed me) but the Wife and Loon Whisperer both found some inexpensive treasures including two folk art chickens made of seed (I use the word art very loosely here).  I did slip a bit and ate too many cookies and ice cream.  We failed to find pie for the Loon Whisperer ... maybe next time.

A close up of a folk art rooster made of seed.
Yesterday I went back to the Doctor as my aching leg has not improved.  He sent me to a physical therapist in the afternoon and I worked up a sweat stretching and strengthening muscles in my legs.  I'll be going back on Thursday and probably twice a week until I can get myself straighten out.  The physical therapist said it was okay to ride bike so I will probably restart my riding (I stopped thinking it might be hurting my leg - it wasn't).

That pretty much catches you up an what's been happening here at Homer's Travels.  I've been spending a lot of time massaging Camino posts , though all the junk related trips took me away from my writing.  I guess I'll have to catch back up this weekend.


  1. ooh sounds like a nice time! I hope your achey leg feels better soon. I hate aches and pains!

    Is your leg ache a Camino-related ache?

  2. MMC: I did have a good time. You know the answer.