Homer's Travels: Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Roncesvalles To Zubiri

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Roncesvalles To Zubiri

The second day of my Camino did not yield very many good pictures in my opinion.  I've added a few to illustrate what I saw along the way but they seem a little lackluster to me.  I think it might have been that this leg really wiped me out and I was tired.

The Church in Burguete not far from the Bakery where I stopped for breakfast.
I would soon grow weary of taking pictures of churches as there are so many along the Camino.

Everything is so green along the Camino this time of year.
I would never grow tired of the beautiful fields and hills of green that greeted me around every corner ... though I did get tired of taking pictures of them. The pictures rarely do them justice.

A rather unique Camino marker.  The two names are of the town in Castilian and Basque.
I would take pictures of just about every type of Camino marker I would see. I may upload all of them some day and make a set.

The Camino enters the forest.  The shade was welcome.

A medieval bridge on the way into Zubiri.  It's said to cure rabies in cattle.
This picture is taken from Zubiri Beach.
We would see a lot of bridges along the Camino and my fascination with them continues to this day.  What is it about me and bridges?  I just know that I really like bridges for some reason.

These and a few pictures more have been added to my 2011 Camino de Santiago Google Photos album.


  1. I have this urge to ride a horse across those bridges while wearing a long dress and saying "Prithee" and things like that :)

  2. Miss MC: I would imagine you would be in a carriage looking out at the little people as they ate cake.

  3. YES! That is totally me! Wait, was that an insult? :D