Homer's Travels: Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Azofra To Grañon

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Camino De Santiago - Pictures - Azofra To Grañon

Grañon was my favorite place along the Camino.  It was a place along the Camino that felt ... right.

Everyone with a camera probably took a picture like this during their Camino.
I was no different.
All the pilgrim's shoes, no matter what color they started, ended up Camino dust brown.
A green grain ocean with red poppy breakers lapping the Camino.
The great room in the Grañon albergue.
The most content and happy time I enjoyed on the Camino was here with these people.
The sleeping loft in the Grañon albergue.
A pilgrim in stained glass.  A window in the Grañon church.
These pictures and more have been added to my 2011 Camino de Santiago Google Photos album.


  1. Great pics, and some really nice pilgs in them too! R & H and I think I spotted N in there too! Loved the description of the poppy breakers...excellent!

  2. I love the ocean and poppy picture. I really love the description :)

  3. KSAM: Thanks. R, H, & N. Along with ST, SP, L, K & J. The whole alphabet was there.

    Miss McC: Thanks!!