Homer's Travels: Camino de Santiago - Pictures - Puente La Reina To Estella

Friday, August 19, 2011

Camino de Santiago - Pictures - Puente La Reina To Estella

Here are a few pictures from the Puente La Reina to Estella leg.  While Estella did not leave me with a big impression, the flowers along the Camino and the architecture did.

The cottonwood seed covered the grass like snow and the
wind whipped up little ghostly tornadoes along the Camino.
Ahhh ... the sweet smell of Jasmine along the Camino.
A snail munching on a thistle.  Snails and slugs were quite common along the Camino.
An old bridge outside of Lorca, Spain.  Turned out to be a great place to rest.
Scary water spitting clown in Villatuerta.  Would you drink out of his mouth?  I wouldn't.
Saint Dominic Monastery in Estella.
Roman Bridge over the river Ega in Estella.
After walking all morning this peaked bridge was a challenge on my poor pilgrim's legs
I have added these pictures and more to my 2011 Camino de Santiago Google Photos album (Don't forget to click through to see the whole shebang).


  1. God, I feel better now...I had the same reaction to the bridge...like hell NO!! and then...our Parochial Alburgue...was up hill!! Ahhhh :-o

  2. KSam: If it's the Camino it's uphill or upstairs.