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Thursday, October 28, 2010

This And That

The week is drawing down and the weekend is in sight.  I don't think we're doing anything special this weekend but, despite being retired, weekends still feel like ... weekends.

This Week's First Light.
This week started, as all weeks should, with laughter.  Now, if you've been reading Homer's Travels for a while you may know that I'm a fan of This American Life.  You should know this because I mention it ad nauseum.  I've seen a live recording.  I've watched it on a movie screen.  I've rented the DVD.  I listen to the podcasts.  One of the recurring contributors of the show came through Omaha on Monday promoting his new book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary.  David Sedaris, a humorist and writer of funny stuff gave a great show at the Holland Center.

The Wife and I didn't really know what to expect from Sedaris.  I've never read any of his books.  I'd only heard his voice on the radio.  Based on his voice I always imagined him looking like Neal Sedaka (OK, this really dates me as most of you yung'uns are scratching your head wondering who Neal Sedaka is).  I have to say he looks nothing like Sedaka.  Listening on the radio also did not prepare me for the ... saltiness ... of his material..  This American Life is a pretty clean show so listening to it did not prepare me for how little 'clean' was involved with Sedaris' material.  He was hilarious.  Hearing that language come from the mouth of that man just enhanced the funnitude.  He had both of us laughing out loud.  I would quote some of his material but this is a clean blog.  If he comes through your town, do yourself a favor and go see him.

The only way I could think to follow an evening of funny was to take a long walk.  On Tuesday I walked to Elmwood park, through the new midtown crossing development, and stopped for lunch in the Old Market.  The wind was crazy and there was a late fall - early winter crisp in the air.  Nothing says winter's coming than watching the fallen leaves swirling in the wind.  21.22 miles with a 3,450 feet of ascent (No, not one big hill but an amalgamation of several smaller ones, GH).  This distance happens to be a personal best.  No blisters.  I think I've picked the shoes for my Camino walk.

Today I brought all our outside stuff inside.  Tonight we are expecting our first real freeze of this winter.  I'm kind of looking forward to our first snow (It's not in the forecast ... yet).  I'm sure it won't take long to totally flip that around into me wishing winter was over but, for now, bring on the snow, I'm ready.


  1. I like your week's first light. Reminds me I should get up early more often. Nevertheless I enjoy more dusks.

  2. awesome photooo!!

    I'm enjoying the autumn weather still too! glad that summer has passed, but I'm not quite ready for snow. I bet you'll get snow before me though.

    David Sedaris is someone I've always meant to read, but never have! Glad to have your opinion!

  3. Awesome picture. :)

    Seasons. I rather miss them. Though I think I prefer rain to snow. Snow is pretty to look at, but a pain to deal with, and I have no desire to commute in it. I'll move some place snowy when I retire, and can spend my days just sitting inside, reading a good book, warming by the fire, and staring out the window at the pretty snow.

  4. Godefroy: Thank you. Sunrises and sunsets are, obviously, very similar but there is something about the start of the day that feels more calm and fresh than the end of the day.

    Miss McC: Thank Youuuu. I'll let you know when the snow passes through.

    David Sedaris is very funny and since most of his routine was him reading from his books, I imagine his books are very funny as well.

    GH: Thank you, as well. Unfortunately, you are required to remove the snow of the sidewalk within 48 hours ... even if you are old. Of course, you could always hire the neighbor kid to shovel your sidewalks while you read by the fire.

  5. I love David Sedaris. I have read his first book and listened to his second. He also makes me laugh out loud, which is rare for me, unless I am with family and we are talking bodily functions.

  6. Anonymous: Hmmm not sure who you are but you sound familiar ... especially the bodily functions stuff :)