Homer's Travels: That Unscratchable Itch

Monday, October 04, 2010

That Unscratchable Itch

I've got an itch.  No really.  I itch ... all over.  It started Saturday with a itchy feeling all over.  Some places itched more than others.  My ankles ... especially my right ankle.  My wrists.  My knuckles.  Yes, my knuckles.  Weird.

On Sunday the itch was still there but now ... my right eye itched and teared up constantly.  Just my right eye.  Bloodshot.  I dug through our medicine drawer and came up with some Visine.  It had expired ... seven years ago.  Yes, when we moved from California to Nebraska, we'd moved a bottle of Visine that was five years past its expiration date.  I tossed the Visine and took one of my allergy pills instead.  It helped a little bit.

Today, Monday, the itch is still there despite the allergy medicine but the eye is better ... somewhat.  Still red, not as watery.

Something had to be done so I called ... my oral surgeon.  Yeah, you read that right.  My oral surgeon.  See, last Thursday before this all began, I went to the oral surgeon to have a biopsy done on a lesion on the bottom of my tongue.  I now have two stitches on my tongue.  Not as bad as it sounds.  I even went out to eat the same night as the biopsy.  All I needed was one ibuprofen.  I called the oral surgeon because I thought he might know of some reaction to the local anesthetic.  It was a long shot, and still is, but I got no answer as he wasn't available until Wednesday.

I then called my general practitioner.  He put me on Vitamin D and prescription Niacin after my last blood test.  I don't think either of these things is causing me to itch as I've been on them for almost three weeks and I would think I would have reacted a lot sooner.  He's not available ... until Friday.  *sigh*

Next came the call to the allergist.  Next Monday.  Are you serious!?!

So I suffer.  I may call my G.P. again and see if I can talk to another doctor in the office.  Or it can go away by itself.  Yeah, by itself.  That would be great.


  1. Could you have gotten into something on your hike?....Mom

  2. Dude, what ARE you doing to yourself? You haven't been hiking through the poison oak, have you?

  3. I just want you to know, that I feel very itchy after reading this post. Hope it stops soon for you. No one likes to be itchy.

  4. Mom: I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's the Niacin.

    GH: Nope, just over medicating.

    Miss McC: I've stopped the niacin and the itch is diminishing. You can stop itching now.