Homer's Travels: 100K

Saturday, October 16, 2010


One thing I didn't mention in my last post is that during all my hiking/leaf peeping excursions, the ol' Honda Accord rolled passed 100,000 miles.  This is my third car and the first I've managed to get passed the 100K mark.

When we bought the accord and the Wife's civic we assumed that we would replace them at the ten year mark.  Last month was the ten year anniversary and we've decided to drive these cars into the ground before buying a new car.  It just seems to make more sense economically.

I'm curious to see which happens first: the accord dieing or me giving in and buying a plug-in hybrid.


  1. I always worked with the equation that when the maintenance cost became more than the car payment cost, time to get a new car.

    Then Toyota and Honda started making these cars that can push 200k without breaking a sweat...

  2. GH: What do you do when you have no car payment? We bought our last cars for cash.

  3. HD, in that case I would buy a pinata and have a party in the car!

  4. Miss McC: Pinatas are eeevil. Don't turn your back on them or they'll get you!