Homer's Travels: Suicidal Camel

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Suicidal Camel

Sitting next to our computer, on opposite corners of our corner desk, sit two speakers.  On the speakers sit two little plush camels.  One is all brown.  The other white and brown.  They were gifts from a friendly shop keeper in Jordan.

The all brown camel is content to watch me as I compose posts ... or, more likely, play Facebook Scrabble.  The white and brown camel is ... suicidal.   It has made several attempts.  Jumping off the speaker, off the desk, and onto the floor.


P.S. I know this post is strange. I blame the non-stop political commercials.


  1. Maybe it knows the Republicans are about to take back Congress?

  2. It wants to be free and wild! Or thrown at things. I have a woodstock that never stays put. I end up throwing it, and I think it's a lot happier

  3. GH: An it was right.

    Mis McC: It's a little too small to be thrown accurately. But the being free and wild thing sound like a possible explanation.