Homer's Travels: Odds, Ends, And Updates

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Odds, Ends, And Updates

Happy 10-10-10 everybody!!!  101010 in binary translates to 42 which happens to be the answer to everything.

Today was also the brother-in-law's birthday which resulted in a trip up to Sioux City for food, drink, and cake (Happy Birthday T!!!).

A year ago today, we were marveling at the inch or more of snow we'd received.  Today the high was 82°F so there was no chance of a repeat.  I'm predicting a rather dry winter this year.  Let's see if I'm right again.

Finally, an update on my itching.  I stopped taking the niacin my doctor had prescribed to raise my good cholesterol (HDL) and the itch slowly went away.  After talking to my doctor on the phone, I'll give it a week or two to calm down and then get back on the niacin to see if my body reacts the same.  If it does then I may have to live with low HDL.


  1. Ugh .. I have low HDL also. I can't take niacin either as I too get the itching and flushing. Wow, now that you mention it, I've been itching and flushing lately ... I just looked at the muti-vitamin I'm taking & it has niacin. Now I know the reason! Thanks for that! Things that make me go huh?!

  2. Well, it's shaping up to be a La Nina year, so you're probably right about it being a dry winter, at least here on the coast...

    Is there any other medicine they could prescribe for the condition?

  3. I think I will just consult you when I am thinking about the weather :)

    Oh! I am glad you are finding the root of the itchies you were having!

  4. Dobegil: The niacin in multi-vitamins is different from the prescription stuff i was taking. but, I'm not a doctor.

    GH: I checked the winter forecast yesterday. Three different weather services had totally different forecasts. They have no idea.

    Niacin is the most effective. If it doesn't work then it's diet and exercise.

    Miss McC: Hold that thought util after this winter. One lucky guess does not a prognosticator make.

    Thanks! Me too!!