Homer's Travels: Welcome Patti Cupcake!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome Patti Cupcake!

The Wife and I would like to congratulate the Altar Boy and Altar Boy's Wife for bringing Little Patti Cupcake into the world.  The little tyke just couldn't wait to join this grand old family of ours.  Can't wait to meet her this Thanksgiving.

I hope her first day in this world was a wonderful one.


  1. Patti Cupcake is awesome and the Matron of Honor is overwhelmed with emotion. Altar Boy and Altar Boy's Wife are also wonderful and can now add parenting skills to their resumes. :) Life is very very good.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the name Patti Cupcake. I think you could do a whole children's series on Patti Cupcake.

  3. Your family tree must look like an Amazon rain forest! Congrats to the family! :)

  4. MoH: Yes it is. We're very happy for Patti Cupcake.

    Miss McC: It was coined by the Wife when we were trying to guess the name of the baby. It is now her nickname on Homer's Travels. Children's books ... temping. So many little minds to corrupt.

    GH: It is growing rather quickly.

  5. Thanks for the post about our little Patti Cupcake! We can't wait for you and the Wife to meet her. :)

  6. ABW: We can't wait either. Thanksgiving is going to be a blast.