Homer's Travels: Time To Drink Out Of Women's Shoes

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time To Drink Out Of Women's Shoes

Wow, what a weekend.  More specifically, what a Saturday.  The Wife and I went to another family wedding, something the family takes very seriously.  The wedding was of the GodSon and ... not sure what to call her ... the GodSon's Wife is the best that I can come up with.

We drove up on Friday and stopped by the hotel where most of the family were staying.  Next door was a bar that was filled with interesting ... characters.  While some of the family did manage to go in and return safely, they told stories of short skirts, straining zebra bustiers, and women who looked suspiciously like men.  Sounds a lot like the legends of amazonian tribes I read about in my last book.  After our six hours on the road, I didn't feel I had the energy to launch an expedition of my own so the Wife and I called it a night.

The Saturday afternoon wedding was traditional and went nearly flawlessly except for the obligatory flower girl hissy fit.  Actually, the flower girl hissy fit is so common,  I guess you could call it an mandatory part of a traditional wedding making this a flawless wedding.  Way to go guys!  The couple, a pair of teachers, did a lot of their own wedding planning, including memorizing their wedding vows, so it's not a surprise it went so well.

The wedding was followed by the typical, raucous family reception. Drink, food, drink, dancing, drink, music, drink, cigars, drink, singing the Schnitzelbank, drink, shots, and ... drinking out of women's shoes.  As receptions go, it was pretty awesome.  I usually don't participate in a lot of the festivities, choosing to just sit back and admire the closeness and the fun-lovingness of the Wife's family.  I do partake in the food.  They had a great idea and placed individual cakes on the tables so that you didn't need to get in line for cake - a very smart idea.  There was also a Tesla out in the parking lot that got a lot of the guys drooling.  I stayed away as the price tag is too steep for even a free look.

The GodSon and his Wife make a great couple and the Wife and I are very happy for them.  They opened presents the next day.  Unfortunately we had to drive home and missed the day-after festivities.

Since I know the GodSon often reads Homer's travels, I would like him and his new bride to know, if they ever need to get away, we have a guest room they can use and they are always welcome at our place.


  1. To The Wife: is there any possible way we can get a photo of HD drinking out of a woman's shoe? Cuz that would be AWESOME!

  2. Uh ... he's just a witness to my family's crazy behavior.

  3. GH: As the Wife said, I'm just an observer of crazy stuff.