Homer's Travels: Ferdinand, Napoleon, And Isabella

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ferdinand, Napoleon, And Isabella

At night out big picture window attracts bugs.  Lots of bugs.  Lately they've also attracted toads.  The toads, the largest is about an inch and a half from nose to butt, climb up the side of the house and up the glass.  I watched them the other night.  When they eat they look like they're jumping from one point on the glass to another, defying gravity.  They're fun to watch.

The Wife insisted in me naming them so I named them Ferdinand, Napoleon, and Isabella.  I have no idea how to sex a toad so the names may be completely off gender but they're toads so who cares ... except maybe other toads.  I also can't tell one from the other but I think Ferdinand is a little bigger than the other two.

Here's a picture of the largest one, Ferdinand:

When he's not eating bugs, he's smearing up my clean window.  Darn toad toe prints everywhere!


  1. Here's what you do: you grab the little guy, then super-glue a tiny little squeegee to his abdomen...

  2. GH: If we did that, how would we listen to the TV with all the squeaky noises coming from the window?

  3. Josephine has now shown up, too.

  4. Now, there are six. We might need a toad bouncer soon.