Homer's Travels: How To Build A Dragon Boat

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How To Build A Dragon Boat

Back in 2008, after we sold our house and before we moved to Nebraska, we made one last trip to China Town and Olvera Street, favorite destinations of ours.  On that last trip we stopped at a store we'd visited several times. On a prior trip, the Wife bought me a Mao messenger bag at this store (This bag gained some notoriety when Cameron Diaz took one with her to Peru.  The rebels in Peru, the Shining Path, is a Maoist organization ... oopsie!  Mine actually has a red picture of Mao though I saw her star one at the store as well).

On this last trip I looked at some balsa wood models.  They had pagodas, boats, aircraft, and even an M-1 tank model.  They were all pretty cool.  I'd seen them on our prior trips but I was too cheap to buy one.  (It was a whole $8.00!!! I am so cheap.)  This time I gave in and bought a Dragon Boat model.

It moved with us to Nebraska and it found a place on a shelf in the den closet.  Finally, after over two years I decided to dust it off and actually put it together.  Not wanting to just put it together, I decided to put together a time lapse movie of the process.  It's not the best of my movie making efforts but it's good enough.


  1. Awesome!

    Of course, now I want to go out and get one of those balsa models too...

  2. GodSon ... soon to be GodFather: Thanks!

    GH: Thanks! The store is in the Old Chinatown Plaza (930 North Broadway).

  3. At first I kept thinking "Vikings" then the words I was reading actually sunk in. :) Very cool!!!