Homer's Travels: A Sign That Makes The Wife Smile

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sign That Makes The Wife Smile

The Wife started her new job at her new school this week.  She likes the new school and the whole experience is so much better than the other school she's been at since we moved back to Nebraska.  People actually talk to her!

While she expects this to be her last school (her sixth) something happened today, a sign as it were, that seems to indicate that she's finally found the right place.  During an assembly today, the band began playing the school song.  She laughed when she heard it:

Yep, her new school's song is the Notre Dame Fight Song.  Go Irish and go SkyHawks!


  1. Don't forget, honey, that the fight song was also the recessional song at our wedding mass.

  2. Congrats to The Wife for finding an awesome school to work at. Especially with a friendly staff!