Homer's Travels: Winnebago Pow Wow 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winnebago Pow Wow 2010

The Wife goes to teacher's workshops each summer.  This year she went to Fort Robinson, located in northwest Nebraska, to learn about the Plains Indians.  She had her eyes opened to how America has treated the Native American people.  She went to a couple reservation schools, White Clay, and the Wounded Knee memorial. The Wife took some pictures while she was there and I'll have to post some later this week.

After these workshops, the Wife often continues her education by reading more about the subject she immersed herself in.  This time we did something different.  We went to a Pow Wow.

In Regalia - Note The Batman Logo.
This week, starting last Thursday, was the 2010 Winnebago Tribe Pow Wow. We drove up to attend the grand entry and to watch the dancing, singing, and drumming contests.  The Pow Wow started with a tribute to veterans including the showing of the colors and singing of several native american songs honoring veterans and the flag.

This was followed by the Grand Entry when the dance competitors, in full regalia, danced into the circle and danced to the singing and drumming.  There were local drummers and singers as well as a troupe from Detroit and another from Canada.  There were fewer dancers than I expected.  I suspect that it was because it was a work day.  Saturday would probably have been a better day to attend.

Winnebago Pow Wow - For All Ages.
It was pretty cool.  We ate some Native-American fast food (I had the Indian Burger - a burger on frybread.  The Wife had an Indian Taco.) and enjoyed a slice of another culture.

On the way back we stopped at an overlook and took pictures of the Missouri River Valley.  The Wife's superpower kicked in when she ran into a former student ... two hours out of Omaha ... at the overlook turnout.

Missouri Valley Panorama - The River Is High.
Pictures are here.


  1. Check out the ugly truth about the state of Nebraska's complicity in what is happening in Whiteclay.


  2. So, how many of your readers knew that the word "Winnebago" was around a long time before it was applied to the side of an RV?

    (If you're wondering: this is the knowledge I gained at an early age from having a mother who was both a teacher and an anthropology major!)

  3. GH: Since most of my readers are family in the Midwest, the percentage is probably pretty high but I get what your saying.